Thank you for your interest in volunteering to work at the Pass It On Kidsignment Sale to benefit the Parents’ Day Out Program at Aiken’s First Baptist Church and others in need in our community. Volunteering your time is a wonderful way to be part of an awesome ministry project and to develop relationships with other moms and dads along with earning the privilege to shop early!

Each 8 hours worked gets one person into the preview sale on Thursday night prior to the public shopping.
(note – if you can’t work the whole 8 hours, your spouse, mom, dad, or even a friend can work some and donate them so you can shop – each 8 hours worked by you or on your behalf gets ONE person in to the Preview sale)

If interested in volunteering, please carefully read the following information:

 Incentives for volunteers who sign up to 

work 4 hours on Friday morning from 9:30am-1:30pm

in the checkout area pulling tags and bagging items

(don’t worry, we will not ask you to cashier or handle money)

 but we WILL ask you to arrive early Thursday evening  to attend a training from 5:45-6:15    to prepare for the busy Friday rush.  

Everyone who signs up for this Thurs 5:45-6:15 and Fri 9:30-1:30 package will receive 6 hours of credit (for less than 5 hours of HARD work) 

Get creative and motivated – spread the word! Good luck!
Questions? Contact Susan LeGrand or text/call 803-292-1811

Benefits of volunteering

  • Make a difference by knowing you are part of a great community service project that touches the lives of so many people
  • Experience the opportunity of finding great deals at the Preview Sale
  • Earn discounts on items you purchase (12+ hours worked)
  • Make new friends
  • Have FUN!

What types of jobs do volunteers do?

  • accepting and displaying consignments
  • assisting with charity donations
  • organizing merchandise
  • customer assistance
  • tag sorting
  • assist with check-out
  • rack setup
  • and more!

How do I volunteer?

Simply register online after reading this page -it’s quick and easy! Please register as soon as possible so we can make this the best experience for you and us!  Thinking that it might be difficult to get in 8 hours with kids at home? Try some things that our other volunteers do – partner with a friend and keep each other’s kids while one works the sale. Get a babysitter (or better yet, grandma for a morning or evening and have both you and your husband come volunteer together!), or get your sister, mother, brother, or a firend to come work some hours to donate to you.

What is the Preview Sale?

The Preview Sale is our way of thanking you for all of your hard work during the Kidsignment Sale. If you volunteer 8 hours or more, you will be able to shop on Thursday from 6:30-8:30 pm before the sale opens to the general public. We also have our 1/2 Price Preview Sale for all volunteers beginning at 7 am on Saturday.

Upon registration, you will receive an email with your Preview Sale ticket – please print or have available on your phone in the Preview Sale line – it is your ticket in the door 🙂

How many hours do I work?

It’s up to you what level of commitment and benefits you want!   Volunteering is so much fun and the heart benefits for serving others are so great.  Sign up for as many hours as you can – you will be glad you did!


Adult working 4-7 hours
OR Middle or High School students desiring hours for extracurricular or scholarship credit or youth service group opportunities
Invited to the Saturday 7 am 1/2 Price Preview Sale
Benefits: heart knowledge that you are serving others!


Adult working 8-11 hours
Invited to the Thursday 6:30pm Preview Sale and the Saturday 7 am 1/2 Price Preview Sale


Adult working 12-15 hours
Invited to the Thursday 6:30 pm Preview Sale and the Saturday 7 am 1/2 Price Preview Sale
Receive a 10% discount on all purchases during sale week


Adult working 16+ hours
Invited to the Thursday 6:30 pm Preview Sale and the Saturday 7am 1/2 Price Preview Sale
Receive a 10% discount on all purchases during sale week
OR give your overage hours to someone else instead of getting discounts it’s your choice!


Requires phone interview with Vicki Smith 678-859-2365 – one month or more prior to sale week
Limited spots available
Adult working 12-15 hours – all hours must be worked in same area (ex, donor, check-out, sales floor, etc)
Can not be a first time volunteer
Invited to the Thursday 6:30 pm Preview Sale and the Saturday 7 am 1/2 Price Preview Sale
Receive a 12% discount on all purchases during sale week


Requires phone interview with Vicki Smith 678-859-2365 – at least one month prior to sale – Limited spots available
Adult working 16+ hours; all hours must be worked in same area (ex, donor, check-out, sales floor, etc.)
Can not be a first time volunteer
Invited to the Thursday 6:30 pm Preview Sale and the Saturday 7 am 1/2 Price Preview Sale
Receive a 16% discount on all purchases during sale week


We would love each of our volunteers to recruit one other person to volunteer!
– it makes everybody’s job easier
– it serves our shoppers better – they will buy more and come back!
– more people to make friends with
-help out your own friends, family and neighbors

As an 8 or more hour volunteer, you can help your friends
You can invite up to 5 of your friends to come shop at 7:30 Thursday during the Preview Sale if your friend works just 4 hrs instead of the required 8 (just have them note this when they register their 4 hours online)
**Our purpose in doing this is to introduce people to the awesome experience it is to be able to shop at the preview sale so they will want to join us the next sale as a “true” volunteer. We always have volunteers moving away, aging out, or getting jobs that might prevent them from volunteering – we always need new volunteer faces to replace them.

Start thinking today about your friends, neighbors, relatives (even husbands or parents), school teachers, people you go to church, dance, ball with….  Invite them to join the fun!!!
Also, please tell all of your teacher friends about the volunteer opportunities – we always have a ton of books, educational items, and teacher resources available.

Where can I find out more information?  Keep reading and if you have additional questions,
please Contact Susan LeGrand or text/call 803-292-1811

Donations for Children in Need

Each sale, we use some of the remaining items to fill boxes for children in need. We have been so blessed by the success of this sale and are very fortunate to be able to share of our abundance with those in need. If you would be interested in helping add to this ministry, we are asking all of our volunteers who are able, to bring new (or gently used and clean) underwear, socks and toys for area children in need. There will be a box available during sale week for donations of these items.

Please Note!

We encourage you to let us know the areas of the sale you enjoy helping with. We try to accommodate everyone, but can’t guarantee any particular job. Please remember that part of the ministry of volunteering is helping where needed and remaining flexible as schedule changes occur and demands of the sale change daily.

Volunteers arriving late hinder our ability to execute the sale tasks as necessary. Those volunteers who arrive late will need to plan to stay late that shift at double the time they are late (for example, if you are 20 minutes late for your shift, you will need to stay 40 minutes longer to complete your time).

Although it is fine to have various people working to add up volunteer hours for you, please indicate in the comments section who will be working which shift. If you are unable to work your shifts as you originally signed up for, please let Vicki Smith know ASAP prior to sale week so we may change the duties if necessary.

No one will be allowed to shop during the Preview Sale for business purposes.
We thank you in advance for all of your hard work. The time and energy that you devote to this sale is greatly appreciated!

All volunteers are responsible for reading over and being familiar with the Consignor information so that you will know the policies of consigning which will help you better perform your job as a volunteer.

Each one of us loves children or we would not be involved in the sale!  We love your children dearly, but unfortunately we can not allow anyone to bring their baby or child(ren) with them during volunteer time (other than the coordinator children who are registered as junior volunteers) –   thanks!

What do I do if I need to change my shift once I have signed up for one?

If you are unable to work your shifts, please let Susan LeGrand (803-292-1811)  know ASAP prior to sale week so we may change the duties if necessary.  Changes for other than extreme emergencies during sale week can not be accommodated.

How do I sign up to be a volunteer?

Sign up for shifts is on a first come basis and some shifts will close as we get closer to sale week so it is wise to register as early as possible. Please make sure to read this Volunteer information completely before registering to volunteer to maximize your volunteering experience.

I have read the volunteer information and I am ready to VOLUNTEER! 

 Select Volunteer Times are STILL OPEN – We                              need you!                                        Please Call Susan LeGrand at 803-292-1811 to volunteer