Please view the list below to see current persons on our leadership teams.  If you are interested in becoming a Pass It On Sale Coordinator, have worked 3 or more sales, and have a passion for being the hands and feet of Jesus in helping others through this great ministry, please email Vicki Smith at to begin the application process.

Coordinator List


Vicki Smith,  LEAD CHAIR        678-859-2365
Jenny Fulmer,  CHAIR        803-645-1050

Assistant General Coordinators
Tiffany Horshel
Phil Croll
Malcolm Smith

Bake Sale Coordinator
Holly Fulmer
Jenny Fulmer

Bargain Coordinators
Elizabeth Blanchard, Lead
Janice Boisvert

Book/Media Coordinator
Kim Rentz

Compassion Coordinators
Brittany Smith
Kimberly Williams

Community Relations Coordinator
Maryann Burgess

Consignor Coordinator
Stephanie Threlkeld

Customer Service Coordinators
Erinne Blackwell, Lead
Tara Fulghum

Database Coordinator
Stephanie Threlkeld, Lead
Jessica Bessette

Donor Coordinators
Kayleen Sharp and Kim Rentz, Co- Leads
Veronica Barker
Breanna Martin
Jessica Dillard
Shelley Fulmer
Brandy Garraux
Katie Bateman
Catherine Harding
Cheryl Wren
Janice B (games/puzzles)

Facilities Coordinators
Roger Bragg, Lead
Jack Phillips

Ian Klepac
Jason Rentz
Scott Williams

Financial Coordinators
Cheri Campbell, Accounting Lead
Rachel Ryan, Cashier Lead
Sharon West
Christi Williams
Leah Campbell
Brittany Freeman

Hanger Coordinators
Jill Randolph
Jennifer Brunson

Mailing and Signs Coordinator
Becky Croll

Newsletter, Social Media, & Photographer
Veronica Barker

Publicity Coordinator
Laura Gosset
Sheila Salomone
Leslie Addision

Receiving & Recall Coordinators
Laura Gossett, Lead
Nicole Leopard
Tara Fulghum
Lesley Klepac
Shelley Fulmer
Jessica Bessette
Sam Tiedman
Katie Bateman

Sales Floor Coordinators
Sarah Bragg (Lead – Th-Sat)
April Jordan (Lead M-W)
Amanda Watson
Vicki Carlberg

Sign In,  Volunteer & Jr Volunteer Registration Coordinator
Susan LeGrand

Tag Room Coordinators
Samantha Tiedman, Lead
Lauren Fulmer
Michelle Butts
Jennifer Hensley

Teen Clothing Coordinators
Kristie Harley, Co-Lead
Sharon Hamilton, Co-Lead

   Transport Coordinator
Vicky Gaskins, Lead
Cindy Rowell