Our teen clothing business continues to boom with the creation of our dedicated Teen Department. Have your teen get on board and sell their own clothing! There is definitely a market in this economy for it and we have lots of teen and parents making some great money in the teen department!

Our largest obstacle in the teen area is keeping it truly a teen section.  Many people see it as an opportunity to sell their adult-style clothing.  This lessens the appeal to the teens and actually makes the real teen items sell more poorly.  REMEMBER: ONLY Clothing that is IN CURRENT TEEN STYLES will remain on the racks. Please do not bring clothing that is “adultish” in nature or a primarily women’s or men’s brand or style.  Due to the large amount of more adult items being brought, we need to make sure that all consignors understand that we don’t want you to spend the time to wash, press, hang, and tag those adult items for us to either reject them at receiving or have to pull them off the racks to donate. Please help us keep the teen section TEEN – thank you in advance 🙂

We have been blessed with an abundance of items during the past several sales in the teen area.  As a matter of fact, so blessed that we are unable to fit all of the items brought in onto the racks in the area that we have.  We anticipate a similar situation to happen again this sale. Therefore, we must make all consignors of teen clothing aware that we

  • 1 – will do our very best to display and sell the teen items that are most in style and brand names that we know teens love
  • 2- reserve the right to remove any items consigned for the teen area that are considered less appealing to our teen shoppers
  • 3- kindly ask you to leave all of the clothes worn by adults in your family at home

**please know that every item brought in will help someone even if it is not put out for sale, it will be donated to one of our local charities.

Please thoroughly read the consignor information under the information tab that applies to all clothing and items.     This is just additional information to supplement that for those consignors selling teen items.

4 things that need to be in the center of every teen tag:
2- either B or G (for gender)
3- number size (unless it is only sized by S, M, L)
4- XS, S, M , L XL (based on the chart below)
 This will benefit the shopper and boost your sales!


Other Teen sizing notes:

  • Feel free to write other notes on your teen tags that might help describe the size  (ex. “Boot cut” , “Skinny” , “Slim Fit” , “Fits more like a ___ size” , “Oversized”, etc.)
  • Note: For many teen items (especially boys clothes) there is only a S, M, L, XL size – that is fine to only have those IF there is no number size on the item.
  • We also now accept teen jewelry

Bras for girls and teens
We accept bras that meet the following:

  • must have been worn and appropriate for a young girl or teen – bras that look too adultish will not be accepted – NO bras worn by an adult (except nursing bras)
  • must be washed, gently used and with no rips or tears – we will not accept $1 bras – bring only those worth $2 or more
  • bras must be individually packaged – only 1 bra per bag-  and neatly folded in an appropriate size ziploc bag (quart size is best for most bras)
  • clearly note bra size on the price tag in center

Teen Modesty Guidelines
It is our desire for all teens to dress in an appropriate yet fashionable manner.  We ask you to keep that in mind when bringing items to sell. As one of our teen volunteers so aptly put it “modest is the hottest!”

  • In particular, teen shorts must have a minimum 2″ inseam (material on inside leg from center) to be placed in our sale .

When bringing in your items, please separate teen clothing from children’s sizes and divide boy and girl so we can market it properly.

NEWSFLASH:  Our girls jeans have really been selling well since we have moved them to a separate area of the teen section.  Please bring your nice jeans (primarily in the fall sale) to increase your teen sales.