The US Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) has a law called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act or CPSIA. This law was enacted to establish standards and safety requirements for children’s products.  This law affects the resale of any recalled items as well as other general categories of children’s items. It is our obligation to make sure that the Pass It On Kidsignment sale continues to be the best consignment sale in the area while we also comply with the CPSC guidelines. We appreciate your help and cooperation in this matter.

It is the responsibility of every consignor to ensure that all items brought for consignment have no recalls issued on them.  We maintain and update notebooks with recalled children’s items that are available for our consignors, coordinators, and shoppers.  Ultimately, our shoppers who are acknowledging that they are purchasing used items, must be responsible for checking all items for recalls before use.

A recent recall announced in November 2014 affects a large number of Graco strollers that present finger amputation hazards.  All consignors must check the CPSC website if planning on consigning a Graco stroller.  Repair kits can be requested for free and installed at which point we can then accept them for consignment.

As you may have heard, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned all drop side cribs.  What many have not heard though, is that all cribs sold or resold after June 28, 2011 must comply with new rigorous safety standards.   The new standards require stronger hardware and rigorous testing to prove a crib’s durability.

Therefore we are unable to resell any crib in the Pass It On Kidsignment sale that was manufactured prior to June 2011. 

This should also be the case at all consignment stores and consignment sales until the newer cribs that are manufactured after June 28, 2011 make it to the resale level.  Since most customers keep their cribs for a year or two, we are now hopeful we will begin having some cribs for sale again.  It is simply against the law for us to resell any crib manufactured before June 28, 2011.
For more information regarding the New Safety Standards for Cribs, click on the following link for questions and answers from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Please note the following additional items that we can not accept for sale or donation….


We have created detailed “Recall Notebooks” that contain written guidelines from the CPSC and copies of many of the recalled items from their database. This Recall Notebook will be available during Sale week for both consignors and shoppers, as needed.

Before you consign your items, check out the following web sites to see if any of your items might be a part of a recall. We will not be able to accept these recalled items.

CPSC link for toys:
CPSC link for children’s items (not toys):

It is our intent to keep you informed and provide a sale that sells only safe items for children – please understand it is not our intent to frustrate you or reject your items – only to give you advance notice that we are obligated to uphold these new guidelines and provide a safe array of sellable items for all. If you would like more detailed information on this new law, visit the CPSC website at