I’ve consigned before- what’s new?

3 MAJOR Changes for Fall 2018 –

  • LIMIT ON NUMBER OF CONSIGNORS REACHED as of Sunday, August 26, you can still donate your items if you need to get them out of your house!
  • TEEN – We want our teens to love shopping in our teen section 🙂  We want our families with teens to be able to sell the items that they consign 🙂
    • ONLY teen items – particularly the brands that we know teens love, will be accepted. 
    • We suggest not taking time to prepare any items that are not teen. We will have a box for donations near the receiving table for clothing items that are brands or styles that typically teens do not prefer.
    • 5 things that need to be in the center of every teen tag:
      1- TEEN
      2- either B or G (for gender)
      3- number size (unless it is only sized by S, M, L)
      4- XS, S, M , L XL (based on the chart below)
      5- BRAND Name of clothing
    • We will be selective on $1 teen clothing items – only bring reasonably worn items, but not WORN OUT
  • GROUPING ITEMS BY GENDER AND SIZE – In order to expedite the receiving process, all consignors must sort their items by gender and size at home. (Ex, all boys 4T together, all girls size 7 together and separate from girls size 8- also separate out girls and boys $1 clothing and items from items priced $2 or higher). Several tips – we know that your items must be moved multiple times from home to car, to rolling cart, to receiving table.  They will certainly get mixed up if not carefully grouped together.  We recommend using one of the following methods to keep same gender and size together
    • tie hangers that contain like gender and size with twine, yarn, bungee cords, zip ties, etc.
    • use plastic dry cleaning bags or kitchen/or larger garbage bags to group like size and gender 


Our standard consigning fee to be a consignor has been $8 for sales now.  Based on an awesome suggestion from a consignor who was considering consigning just a little bit, we have now changed our policy.  The fee will now be 10% of what you actually sell with a maximum fee of $8. Our intent is to encourage you to consign even if you only have just a small amount.  This reduction in fee might be just the incentive you need to jump in and consign a few things – or MANY!

It is our intent to provide you with the best possible information so your consigning experience will be awesome!

Printing your tags                                           Filling in your tags

Please do not place our receiving people or you, as our valued consignor in an awkward position by having to reject items that:

  • smell smoky, musty, moldy, or like your pets (including having pet hair on them)
  • are outdated
  • were bought, worn and/or purchased for an adult & that an average teen would not wear
  • have different color tags, prices with .00, tags too small, pinned incorrectly, hangers turned wrong, messy handwriting

Please partner with us on these notes to build the best quality sale that people will want  to return to because of the QUALITY of items that we offer 🙂

Here is a brief list of helpful tips and tricks to make sure we can sell the largest amount of your items – 
-Make sure all clothing and items are very clean & presented as beautifully as possible – lint rollers & irons should be your best friend and will make your items more appealing!

-Place your clothing on a hanger that is neither too big (stretches it) or too small (it will fall off)
-To keep tags from falling off – use med or large safety pins, place pin down a bit from top of the tag and horizontally 
-Remember these tags have to be taken off quickly, so place all tags on outside of bags (not inside ziplocs)
-Take good care of leather/vinyl items – place tag in a different location (like on the zipper, collar, etc)
-Make sure all logos/stains are apparent to shopper by not placing tag over these
-Keep tags on shoes by not pinning tags around velcro loops (zip ties, back loops, & ziplocs can help)

Changes made in the past few sales:

  • GAMES/PUZZLES/TOYS with Multiple pieces in a box – Please assess/count for all pieces.  You must write either “all pieces included” or “missing pieces” (if pieces are missing the item must be marked $1 and state what is missing if possible). All boxes must then be taped shut to make sure all pieces stay together.
  • All t-shirts with events/years on them must be marked $1 (ex. Cooper River Bridge Run 2016, or Millbrook Field Day, or Costa Rica Missions Trip, etc)
  • Lamps must be sold with a working light bulb (or marked $1 if not)
  • We are now accepting toy guns that are either non-shooting or “soft bullet” guns like Nerf guns or water guns  – NO paintball guns, BB guns, etc
  • We no longer accept VHS video tapes
  • On the day you bring your consigned items in, we will provide a signed & dated tax receipt for any consignor to fill out who wants to claim the donations part of the items brought in that were donated because they did not sell.  See IRS Publication 561 on guidelines to determine the value of your donations or consult you tax advisor.  (You no longer have to provide us with the total amount of your items – that is between you and the IRS)
  • Scarves – please pin tag near one end about 1/4 of the way up- do not pin, tape or hang them – just fold them with price pinned through one layer of cloth at end.  This will allow us to display them nicely.
  • Due to health & safety concerns, we will no longer be accepting breast pumps.
  • Let’s pamper the moms!  We are continuing our very popular WOMEN’S ACCESSORIES department – you can consign jewelry, purses, wallets, and scarves.  (we will still only accept teen style clothing).
    • PURSES -Best presentation for extremely nice purses is to stuff them with newspaper or some other paper to give them shape to stand on a table.
    • SCARVES – should just have a price pinned to one end of them (we will hang these on a rack).
    • JEWELRY  – each piece of jewelry must be in a separate Ziploc bag (snack or sandwich) with the price tag taped to OUTSIDE of the bag on left side of card only.  Every piece of jewelry must be functional – no knots, broken clasps, etc.  In the middle of the tag must be written what type of jewelry it is (ex bracelet, necklace, earrings – you can write more if you want – like orange feather earrings, etc).  We ask that you write children’s on any children’s specific jewelry (that would not fit an adult). On necklaces, please write short, medium, or long since the bags are taped shut. thanks!
  • Teen Sizing Chart – we have tweaked this just a little to make our sizing system more clear 🙂
  • All consignors need to bring extra consignor tags for any repricing needs and to leave with us at checkout to assist with any questions we might have with tags.
  •  Place all clothing on hangers so that the clothing will pass the “tug test” (will not fall off the hanger if given a gentle tug) – if it does, please choose a better suited hanger or pin at the shoulders to attach it better.
  • Furniture- Please read carefully if you are planning to bring in any furniture for sale. We will gladly accept furniture that is specifically designed for babies, toddlers, children, or teens.  Think about things you would find in the children’s section of a store such as bunk beds, toddler beds, changing tables, glider nursery rockers, or cribs manufactured after June 2011. We can not accept basic furniture that “could be used for a child or teen”.  To insure that you do not load up furniture at home that we will not be able to sell, please send pictures of any questionable items to vickipassiton@gmail.com for approval prior to bringing any furniture that you are not sure if we can accept.
  •  **** Consideration  markdowns only on high end items (such as good quality coats, Easter dresses, etc) must be noted on the tag – “price reduced due to _____” (indicate reason) – further details later on this page
  • All teen tags require number AND letter sizes (see totally teen news for more details and chart)
  • We accept teen bras (see details in totally teen news)
  • Teen clothing is required to be separated from the other clothing as it goes to a different area

BEFORE REGISTERING – If you are consigning Teen items, please click here and read our
 Teen Infomation
for additional information specific to Consigning Teen Clothing

Why should I consign?

  • Make extra MONEY!
  • Have clean closets, kids’ rooms, playrooms, garages, and backyards!
  • Re-sell and help the environment!
  • Contribute to an awesome ministry project!
  • Model good stewardship for your children!

How do I get started?

  1. Fully read and print out the entirety of this consignor section to have all the information you will need at your fingertips.
  2. Read the Consignor Policies below – you will need to initial in the registration process that you understand these:
    1. We accept consignments on Monday 4-8p, Tuesday 9a-8p, and Wednesday 9a-4p ONLY.
    2. You will receive 60% of the selling price of each item sold with your code.
    3. All checks will be mailed within 1 month of close of sale date.
    4. All items placed in the sale will be sold for ½ price on Saturday. If you have a few special items that you do not wish to sell for ½ price, you can come at 7 pm on Friday, pull your items (max 20 per consignor) and check out through Vicki Smith.
    5. At noon on Saturday, all remaining items will be donated to charity. If you have a few items (max 20 per consignor) that you do not wish to donate after the sale is complete, you can come anytime between 8 am and 12 noon on Saturday, collect your items and check out through Vicki Smith. At noon on Saturday, all remaining items will then be used for the sole purpose of supporting our charities. Please consider carefully whether you really want any particular item back or if you could bless a child’s life by giving it to one in need.
    6. The $8.00 (or less) registration fee will be deducted from your consignor check – no fee due at sign up!
    7. Tags must be in the format in the detailed instructions on one color (NOT pink)
    8. If you would like a tax receipt, please pick one up when you deliver your consignments.
    9. By signing up as a consignor, you are pledging that you will check that every non-clothing item priced over $1 has no defects and is in complete working order (including batteries) and that all items with parts and pieces are 100% complete. When you bring your items in, we will check that all of the criteria have been met. Your check-in time will go much smoother and faster if you check all of these items at home. If items are prepared incorrectly, we will ask you to redo the items at a separate table so as to not hold up other incoming consignors.
  3. Sign Up As A Consignor! If you have questions about registering to consign, please email Stephanie Threlkeld at consignorpassiton@gmail.com . Thank you in advance for being a part of this awesome event!
  4. Questions about the tagging guidelines or how to package/present items, please read the entirety of this consignor section and if you still need assistance, please email Laura at lgossettlvt98@yahoo.com
  5. Please make sure to include your name, consignor code and tel # on your email.

Online Consignor Registration for our upcoming sale opens approximately 5 weeks prior to sale week and remains open until we reach 250 consignors, so register early to guarantee your spot!

Consignments accepted:

Monday of sale week                   4 pm to 8 pm

Tuesday of sale week                   9 am to 8 pm

Wednesday of sale week              9 am to 4 pm

*No appointment is needed to bring in items for consignment

Consignment Tips and Tricks for a Successful Consigning Experience

Prepare your tags on the computer using the tag template.

Download the tag template in PDF format if you want to just print the template

or in Word format if you would like to customize it by doing a “find and replace” to put your code in bottom corners. Then you can further personalize by printing tags with different prices saving you both writing and time!

You can write anything you want that might help your item sell (just place the info in parentheses in center of tag under the size). ex. “brand new”, “fits like a size 7”, “Ralph Lauren”, “orig cost $229”, etc.

Please consider pricing your items very reasonably to provide affordability for all and to make an investment in people wanting to come back because of the deals they get. We’ve provided some suggestions to follow and believe that you will be blessed by selling more of your items and finding great deals for your own children in the process.

Start pricing now so you can get all of your items priced this sale – your check will reflect the extra effort!

If you have lots of items, please bring them in by noon on Wednesday or bring in stages (ex. bring in first load on Monday, price more, and bring in the rest on Tuesday).

Sort your clothing before bringing it in – Teen clothing is required to be separated from the other clothing as it goes to a different area. To make your check in go faster – first pull out all of the dollar items and divide boy/girl. Then separate all of your regular priced items boy/girl and then by size within each gender – smallest to largest.

Thanks for your commitment to quality and care – that’s what brings you and everyone in our community the very best sale!

Items Accepted For Sale

  • Only bring items that are up-to-date and are in good condition that you would be willing to buy for your children.  All items – toys, equipment, etc must be CLEAN – remember it is required and will sell better!
  • All items must be clean, smoke-free, wrinkle-free and not in need of repair. Smoky or dirty items will need to be taken home and rewashed and wrinkled items ironed. Items that are need of repair or with stains, tears, etc. will need to be re-marked at a special remarking area. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • All snaps must be snapped, buttons buttoned and zippers zipped.
  • Please include any owner’s manuals, instructions, or any applicable warranties to toys, games, equipment, etc. if you have these available.
  • All equipment and toys must meet current CPSC safety standards and not be listed in our recall books generated from this government website. Please read this recall information.

All $1 items will be placed in the Bargain Room. PLEASE NOTE: In order to maintain the quality of this sale, we are extremely picky. Please do not bring anything to the sale (even marked $1) that is horribly stained or broken.

Additional Notes

  • Although we do our very best to take excellent care of every item placed in our sale, Pass It On reserves the right to mark any item down or remove any item not geared towards the mission of our sale which is serving the families of babies, children, and teens.  Although it rarely happens, Pass It On cannot be held responsible if anything happens to an item placed in the sale.

**Please make sure ALL items are clean – please do not bring any outdoor toys, strollers, etc that have not been cleaned well at home.  THANKS!

 For the Spring Sale

  • Spring/summer boys and girls clothing (newborn – teen/junior styles)
  • Spring/summer maternity clothing
  • Children’s seasonal items (sundresses, swimming suits, pool toys, water guns, etc.)

For the Fall Sale

  • Fall/winter boys and girls clothing (newborn-teen/junior styles)
  • Fall/winter or all season maternity clothing
  • children’s seasonal items (Halloween costumes, Christmas, heavy coats & sweaters, boots, corduroy, etc.)

For both Spring and Fall Sales

  • Baby, children, teen and maternity clothing – for season
  • NEW! Women’s purses, scarves, and jewelry
  • College and sports team wear – from infant through adult – (ex. Carolina, Clemson, Braves, etc)
  • Children’s shoes – see our shoe pricing guidelines further down this page
  • Dress-up clothing for pretend play
  • School and Scout Uniforms (ex. Aiken Prep, St. Mary’s, preschool/school t-shirts)
  • Toys and Games
  • Books – baby, preschool, children, parenting, and home-school books
  • DVDs & Blu Ray (children and parenting) – we accept G and PG only
  • Electronic and computer hardware and software appropriate for children and teens (including game systems such as Xbox, PSP, etc. ; No games rated T or M)
  • Children’s bedding and room decorations
  • Large toys (kitchens, slides, basketball goals, bicycles, etc.)
  • Sporting equipment (bats, helmets, gloves, karate bags/gloves, etc.)
  • Children’s furniture (changing tables, rockers, desks, toddler beds, bunk beds, bookcases, crib mattresses, etc.)
  • Baby necessities (bottles, cups, plates, bibs, diaper bags, lunch boxes, etc.)
  • Baby gear (bouncy seats, high chairs, carriers, pack-n-plays, bathtubs, strollers, gates, safety items, etc.)
  • Photos of extra-large items to be sold on bulletin board such as (pools, swing sets, trampolines, pool tables, basketball goals, etc.)


To help insure the safety of the consumers and to uphold the quality of the sale, we can not accept the following for consignment:

  • Cribs manufactured before June 2011
  • Car seats
  • Used underwear (exceptions to this – boys boxers, camisoles, slips, teen bras and nursing bras ARE accepted)
  • Used pacifiers or bottle nipples
  • Breast pumps
  • Lotions or makeup (unless unopened Halloween makeup)
  • Games rated M for mature, T for Teen or movies rated PG-13 or R
  • Books containing inappropriate subject matter or language
  • Violent or inappropriate toys and games
  • Out of season items
  • Any items deemed unsafe, dated, or not fitting to the mission of providing an excellent sale for the families of babies, children & teens as determined by Pass It On
  • Recalled items: Click Here to review important Recall Information.
    In addition, please check your items against the list of recalled items on the following websites:
    CPSC link for toys: www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/category/toy.html
    CPSC link for children’s items (not toys):

How do I know which sale to bring in Items?

We have developed the following chart as a helpful guide for when your items will sell best – the simplest answer is to bring yellow items (on chart) in for the Spring sale and green items (on chart) in for the Fall Sale. Due to space constraints – If the racks get too full with “always accepted” (seasonally appropriate) items, we may make the decision to pull off seasonally questionable items for a period of time – we will do our best to get all items back out on the floor at the earliest point in time. We also ask that you value the advice of our receiving coordinators -they are trained to help you make the best decisions about the sale in which your item would have the most likelihood of selling.

To Which Sale Do I Bring In My Items?

The simplest is just to bring yellow items in Spring, green items in Fall.












Lightweight or Thin Clothing


Bathing Suits/Pool Toys/Life Vests


Easter Items


Sleeveless/Tank Tops/Spaghetti Straps




Short-sleeve Shirts


Capri Pants





Long-sleeve Shirts


Jeans/Long Pants




Heavy Coats




Halloween Costumes/Clothing


Christmas Clothing/Items


Tagging and Pricing

Pass It On Aiken - Kidsignment Sale


  • Tags should be on one color of medium weight paper (NOT PINK). If at all possible, use the tag template we have made available. Note: Left edge must be identical to right edge.  Tags must be approximately 4 1/4″ wide by 2 3/4″  tall. this is the size of the tag template and they fit on standard size paper 2 across and 4 down – with 8 tags fitting on a page.
  • Each consignor must preregister online each sale (returning consignors, use same code) – new consignors will be assigned a code by email typically within 48 hours of registration.
  • Use the tag pattern provided to generate your personalized tags. If writing by hand, use clear handwriting and keep standard size (8 per page)
  • To create your tags, please use only one single color of medium weight paper in any color (except PINK). If you must use white paper, use one specific color of ink to write on all of the tags (i.e. purple, red, orange, blue, etc.). It is critical that you use the same color of paper and color of ink on all your tags. Please bring a stack of extra tags of your color to check-in for re-pricing and for us to attach one to your sheet for tag room purposes. We can NOT accept multiple color tags, pink tags, tags made on notebook paper, and can not allow scratch-outs or anything written on the back of tag.
  • Please price in one-dollar increments with $ signs (either $3 or $4, but not $3.50) – also do not write $3.00 -just $3. DO NOT USE .00 on any tags.
  • Be careful about overpricing your items. The majority of items priced reasonably DO sell. We recommend staying on the low side when pricing. Consider it a ministry opportunity to price your items lower so that someone else might be able to afford them!


  • All clothing must have a tag securely attached to the upper right hand corner of garment (as you face it) with a safety pin. The safety pin must be horizontal in the top center of the tag. Don’t use small gold pins. You can use packing tape only if a safety pin would damage the item.
  • All clothing must be securely hung on hangers (with the hook of the hanger facing to the left as you look at the item – it should look like a ?). Hang pants, skirts, and shorts, using pants hangers or safety pin the items to the top slanted portion of the wire hanger and not the lower straight portion of the hanger.
  • For any clothing items priced over $1, Ziploc bags can only be used for boys’ boxers or teen bras. All clothing (including t-shirts & onesies, pajamas, etc) should be hung on individual hangers.
  • If you do place any smaller cloth items in a bag, the bag must be priced $1. (ex. socks, tights, onesies, infant hats, bibs, washcloths, etc)
  • Only combine several items on the same hanger with one tag if they were purchased as a set (same brand, size, coordinating color)- we can not allow multiple items of clothing to be priced as a group (ex. do not pin 3 pairs of pants together to be sold for one price). Items sold as a set must have been originally purchased as a set. Ex. Do not combine a pair of jeans and a shirt simply because they look cute together.
  • Price your items at what you would pay for this item at this sale, not what you think it is worth.


  • Items other than clothing are tagged in the same manner as above. Instead of size, put description of item in center of tag (ex. train, doll, etc.)
  • It is very important to securely attach tags to all items with safety pins or packaging tape (make sure not to put tape over the whole tag – the RIGHT side must be able to be torn off at checkout). We can only give credit to you for sales if the tag stays on the item.
  • When placing tags on movies and books, place on back in an area that does not cover important information about the item. Use scotch tape only on books, videos or games – it does not stay well to toys.
  • Ziploc bags are also useful for toys with multiple parts. Safety pin or packaging tape the tag to the OUTSIDE of the Ziploc bag (when using tape on the tags, the right side of the tag has to be removed at checkout so only tape the left side of the tag. Also, secure top of bag with clear tape so bags are not opened by shoppers.
  • All items with multiple parts must be secured together as a single unit and priced with one tag. (ziploc bags and packaging tape are helpful)
  • To keep shoes from separating, use twist ties or cable ties to attach, or if there is nothing to attach, you may use a large Ziploc bag only as a last resort. Shoes can be sold in original box with lid secured on bottom and plastic covering top for shoes to be visible.
  • All battery-operated items must have working batteries. If you do not wish to put working batteries in, write “as is” on the tag and item must be priced at $1.
  • All games and puzzles must be counted/inventoried and have “all pieces” written on the tag or be marked $1.  All game and puzzle pieces must be meticulously accounted for.
    • Games – we want to make sure that everyone purchasing a game goes home with a game that has every piece included.  New procedure will be to place all parts/pieces in separate ziploc bag/bags (ex all cards in one bag, all tokens in another) that can easily be verified at receiving.  Place these bags inside the game box and tape shut. If your game or puzzle is priced more than $1 – you must write “ALL PIECES INCLUDED” on tag. A reminder that you must physically count & verify all puzzle and game pieces are present in order to sell them at anything more than $1.
  • If a book is worth at least $1, please price it individually – any books grouped together must be marked $1 (unless they are a complete boxed set).

Markdowns/Handling Items with Imperfections

– We use a consideration markdown system which will be used consistently from marking your items at home, through the consignor check-in process as well as during the sale.  Our goal is to continue to have the high standards that set our sale apart from most other sales, but add a consideration markdown versus our previous $1 markdown system.  We do encourage all of our consignors to remember that the quality of our sale is what sets us apart and that we certainly want to continue that high quality of items offered on the regular sales floor.

Details of our consideration markdown system…

A) If you would have priced your item $5 or less if it did not have an imperfection, but you find it does have something wrong, please price it $1 as always

B) If you have a very expensive item (Easter Dress, Nice Winter Coat, etc) – (this does not include shirts, pants, etc) and you find it has an imperfection, please use the following guidelines:

Price $1 if…

item has major flaws such as noticeable stains, rips, clearly worn knees on jeans, missing buttons, etc – can’t really be worn well with this imperfection

Reduce amount you would have priced it by an appropriate amount – depending on severity of problem if…

item has something that needs to be fixed to wear such as some lace unattached or hem coming out


item has a minor, less noticeable problem like small stain on garment or minor stitching torn in hem of dress – still wearable

C) To inform shoppers of your markdown of these higher value items, please:
1- write in top center of your tag (between prices) “price reduced due to ______” (ex. rip in back hem, small spot on left arm)
2- if possible, please place a small piece of masking tape on item where imperfection is located
*Reminder – these 2 steps DO NOT have to be done for $1 items

Items in Ziplocs:

  • Any items that could possibly have  stains (ex. onesies, bibs, washcloths, socks) that are in ziplocs must be $1 since they can not be examined for stains. These items can be pinned so they can be seen and priced for a higher amount if no stains (or priced individually)
  • Grab bags with misc toys can be priced for a maximum of $3 and must contain gender and age similar items – this is because we prefer for every item to be sold separately because it sells better that way.
  • Ziplocs can also be used well to combine pieces/parts of toys in which case there is no limit on price.


Note: The prices that follow are general guidelines. Please be reasonable with your pricing. If in doubt, consider it a ministry opportunity to price your items a little lower, especially in our current economy.


Excellent Condition or
higher end Name Brand

Good Condition

Girl’s Sunday Dress  $7-10+  $5-6
Boy’s Suit / Sunday Outfit  $6-9  $4-5
Shirts  $3-6  $2-3
Jeans/Pants   $6-10  $2-5
Pajamas  $3-4   $2
DVDs (No scratches)  $6-7  (Full Length Disney)  $3-5 (30 min variety)
 Pac-n-plays, high chairs, strollers  $20-$75 depending on original price  $10-$30
Cozy Coupe Car  $15-20  $10-14
Kitchen   $30-35   $10-30
Exersaucer  $25 (or $20)   $15 (or $12)



 SHOE pricing guidelines – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY so that you do not have to re-price your shoes upon arrival

$1 – any shoes that are ripped, stained, well-worn, dirty, etc.
$2 or $3 – any shoes that are lightly worn or have tiny scuffs or stains.
$4 or more – shoes with no scuffs or stains of any kind.

For additional consigning questions not addressed in this handout or on the website, you may email Laura Gossett at lgossettlvt98@yahoo.com

Checklist for Consignors

Use this handy checklist to make sure we can best sell your items and credit your code with ALL of your items sold.

My tags are all the same color and are NOT pink. They all have the same color ink. .
On items other than clothing, I have used packaging tape on the LEFT side only of my tag (so this can be torn easily at checkout and preserve my code for adding my sales). .
I used only WHOLE dollars when writing my prices (no decimal point, no zeros, no dashes after number). .
I used a safety pin to attach all my tags to clothing items (the pin should NOT be a small gold one) and my pins are horizontally placed on my items going into the tag and garment and back out to be fastened securely. .
My hangers all open to the left
(like a ?).
My tags are typed or neatly written, my code is on both sides of the tag in both bottom corners. .
All of my Ziploc bags are sealed at the top with packaging tape, the tags are safety pinned or taped to the top center of the bag (please tape on left side only). If I used Ziplocs for any items that could be stained, I marked the bag $1.  Ziploc bags are great for toy parts! .





 I have read the Consignor Information and I am ready to CONSIGN!