Our Mission

We have been called to share of our abundance…

Giving of our abundance has now become a primary purpose of our sale.

We are able to give to many individuals and charities each sale.

It is our hope that this sale will provide a way for all families in the Aiken community to sell and purchase good quality used clothing and toys for their children while at the same time providing an opportunity to enhance and broaden the Parents’ Day Out Program at First Baptist.

Join us in sharing of your abundance!  We accept donations of all items that children/families need from the first maternity item when you find that you are expecting through those teen clothes and room decorations they have through college!  Please call Kim Rentz in the Aiken area at 803-645-7904 or Vicki Smith in the Alpharetta area at 678-859-2365.  Thanks in advance for your generosity to help these many families in need!

ALSO WANTED: New Socks/New Underwear/New Toys

Some of the children and families we assist are in need of new socks and underwear.  New toys are always awesome to provide for birthday and Christmas presents.  We ask all participants to give back to the sale by bringing a new package of socks or underwear or a newly packaged toy to the next sale (either gender and all sizes from kids through teens).  You can drop these off when you come to volunteer or when you bring your items in to consign.

Thank you for your consideration. You’ll be making a big difference in the lives of people in need in our community.

Thank you in advance for your generous participation!